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Publisher Description

LightProfiler – application for performance analysis of the Oracle databases. It generates detailed resource profile for extended SQL trace files (10046 event), containing information about consuming of response time (by events, by cursors, etc.), data files usage, error analysis (SQL, PL/SQL) and much more. Also it contain tools for additional processing of trace files (extract session data, splitting files) and for management of database's sessions (disconnecting, tracing, monitor parameters, blocking locks, events and etc.)

Key Features:

- Compatible with Oracle database (version 8-11)

- Generates detailed resource profile both for the session and SQL statement

- Allows to compare generated resource profiles

- Contain tools for database sessions management (monitor state, disconnecting, tracing)

- Contain tools for additional processing of trace files (extract session data, splitting files)

- Easily extensible

- Cross-platform (distributed in exe, deb and source scripts)

- Has user-friendly GUI

- Free and Open (coded on Python 2.6-3.1)

What is — extended SQL trace file?

Extended SQL trace file – the file containing sequentially written down database actions, caused by requests to DB. This file will by generate after setting of pseudo-event 10046 for session.

What is — session response time?

The session response time — this is an interval of time between the beginning of sending by the user of request or requests to a DB, and obtaining a results of requests. Thus it is possible to consider "response time" as elapsed time between the click on button «Generate the report» and the moment when report displayed on the screen.

What is - resource profile of session?

The resource profile of session represents the table containing elements (e.g. events) which makes up response time for session. For example, for the session requesting data from DB, the typical resource profile will contain events of parse, execution, fetch and event of physical reading database files. Following characteristics also are included in this table: total/max./min./average waiting time, an amount of calls to an element. Elements of a resource profile are sorted in reduction of the session response time contribution.

Where I can find description of extended SQL trace files?

The main document describing contents of a extended SQL trace file is note ID 39817.1 which you can download from Oracle Metalink.

Where I can find the description of wait events and the recommendation about their adjustment?

Very good description you can find in the book «Oracle Wait Interface: A Practical Guide to Performance Diagnostics and Tuning» by Richmond Shee, Kirtikumar Deshpande and K Gopalakrishnan or address to the official documentation of Oracle: chapter «Instance Tuning» in «Database Performance Tuning Guide and Reference» (for Oracle9i), chapter «Instance Tuning Using Performance Views» in «Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide» (for Oracle 10g/11g). The official documentation is free downloadable on Oracle's website.

Where to find the extended SQL trace files?

Extended SQL trace files generated on the database server. Their location is determined by the parameter USER_DUMP_DEST. Usually, the server files accessible only for the DBA, so that you can always turn to them for help with the inclusion of trace and obtain the trace file :-). Note that the trace file may contain sensitive data such as account numbers, pans, etc.

How much time to collect trace data?

The answer is simple - as much as necessary for the manifestation of an error or run through the loop. For example a user error occurs when performing the calculations in this case, the best will collect data in the interval between when the user of calculation and an error occurs on the screen. If you do not determine the optimal SQL for shortchanging the data set, we can start by gathering a trace on a single loop iteration. In the case of the definition is not optimal SQL for a single calculation - it is better to collect data from task start to get its results.

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