Top 3 Business Plan Software Solutions

Top 3 Business Plan Software Solutions

Business plan is a very important step in starting any company, and can prove to be very beneficial in the long run since foundations that are set right usually provide a stable and secure building. Well-crafted business plan can be useful in variety of ways, and as I said – enables best options for succeeding.A few decades ago writing a business plan required pen and paper and wasted a lot of time, but nowadays computer software can be used to help you with the process and take come burden of your back.

Many useful features are now incorporated into programs and applications, and whether you just want to flesh out some ideas or lay down the entire vision of the business -software is there to help.

Business plans are also a requirement when seeking additional funding or planning for expansion, and they have been useful in helping people predict problems down the road which enabled them to fix issues, resolve potential problems and adjust their whole organization.


A well-crafted business plan, according to majority of experts, has two critical points that should be properly addressed. The first one are the business‘s goals, and the plan should give answers to questions like “What are the goals?”, “Who will accomplish them?”, “How?” “When?” etc. The other one is a prediction or cash-flow forecast, which typically includes a three-year span. The more specific the forecast – the better, since it lists all revenues, costs and other accounting elements, i.e. how much money is going to be needed, when, etc.Many companies provide their products and services in order to make the process of writing business plan as easy and as fast as possible, and here are the top three:

1. Business Plan Pro leads every list of software solutions like these, since it has been around for a long time and in that period has built a reputation as the ultimate experience for beginners. More than 500 different samples of business plans are available with this software, together with many other options.


Templates represent many industry branches, and excellent customer support is always there to help with any questions or problems. Except from great versatility, this software solution also offers several top-notch tools creating the perfect business plan, for any kind of company. Easy-to-use system offers various options for exporting your documents, since you can save them as Word or PDF files or send them by mail to any number of partners.
2. Biz Plan Builder is a program with highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface for multiple users, which also provides great number of templates but also enables simple customization of any business plan. Important feature of this program is concerned with “predicting the future”, since it offers various tools for making forecasts, worst/best case scenarios, strategy development charts, etc.

3. LivePlan includes some of the best tools for creation of business plans, and is used by millions of users worldwide.

Several guides will take any user through templates prepared for great number of different industries, and most beginner users appreciate this step-by-step approach. Also, this software solution gives access to most up-to-date business and market trends, with great number of options for analysis and forecast.

With this software your business plan can be the best, with the most accurate market, industry or financial data.


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