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A few months ago a friend asked me to help him in compiling and editing some audio files. Basically, these files were audio recordings of five lectures that his friends managed to record for him while he had to skip them to attend a vocational training institute. As we know that to edit an audio, and to do it well, we need a user-friendly and reliable audio editing software which can let us sync with its operation and help us to do our work efficiently. So I searched for a free audio editor to get this job done and that’s how I came across Power Sound Editor.

I liked this software due to its wide range of options and features to make any audio editing task swift and easy. It also provides you with the option to record an audio file from any source of your choice. It allows you to see the waveform of the sound and apply your desired effects to the soundtrack while seeing its waveform. With Power Sound Editor you can burn and rip audio CDs as wells as feel free to use any audio file as a source file with its overwhelming support for various audio formats. You can take a look at the graphical user interface of this freeware and see for yourself that how exciting it would be to edit with this all in one editor.

There are other reasons too for wanting to edit your audio files. For example, if you want to cut a certain part of a video or audio file and then convert it into MP3 or if you already have a certain audio file with bad quality or background noise you can clean it up to make it a bit more reasonable. For all this, you are going to need a software which can handle the intricacies of audio editing for you. Mainly people use such freeware for keeping their playlists just the way they want.

I use Power Sound Editor to cut different segments of audio files and then patch them together to form mash-ups and remixes while keeping the audio quality intact and clean from any sort of distortions. Similarly, if I want to piece together my music, I crop it and then select the parts that I want and click few buttons to get my task done. It merges them and converts them into a seamless audio file with no glitches or audio loss. Sometimes I add effects like echo and delay to my audio tracks with the help of it. Frankly speaking, my experience with this software is so good that I never felt the need to try any other software to deal with editing audio files. It’s easy to use functions makes it quick and hassle free for any kind of editing requirements related to your audio files. In short, if you are new to the audio editing, go for the Power Sound Editor and you will not be disappointed to use this superb software. It is also available for both Windows and Mac.

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