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Jun 15, 2012
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Ad Scan allows you to scan and receive additional digital content from an ordinary print advertisement without using a QR code or 2d barcode.

Ad Scan is an innovative service created by AdZuki Mobile - The service can make every print ad clickable for the benefit of end users as well as advertisers and publishers.

How does the application work?

When advertisers or print corporations show that the advertisement is Ad Scan enabled users just have to:

1.Turn on the Ad Scan Application

2.Tap the scan button on the screen

The user are then automatically forwarded to additional content such as a video, web page, gift voucher, additional information about the product in question etc. The user thus only has to make two simple taps on the screen in order to receive more information.

The application also contains a history of previous scans, so you as a user have directly access to all advertisements you have scanned. The history function therefore secures that that you as long as the campaign is running, have the advertisement right in your hand and can retrieve the information related to the advertisement.

How is this possible?

AdZuki Mobile has substituted the need for QR barcodes in print advertisement. This is achieved by our cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) backend that uses an advanced picture recognition technology to identify an advertisement without using a marker within the advertisement. I all

We provide corporate customers with a cloud-based software-as-a-service backend developed specifically for creating a link between physical print advertisements and digital content. This solution allows advertisers to present digital content related to their physical print advertisements on the readers' mobile devices.

When an end user scans the advertisement, our cloud-based backend database receives the user's picture, performs a scan within all active campaigns in the database and identifies the reference picture that the corporate customer uploaded when setting up the campaign. The identification is based on advanced algorithms tagging each picture with hundreds of angle-independent designators and descriptors.


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