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Build queries and learn SQL at the same time with a free SQL query builder.

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Oct 29, 2012
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EQB allows users to extract important information such as customer data, sales and virtually any other types of records. The solution does not require any extensive knowledge of SQL syntax and the inner workings of the databases, but it is also very useful for those learning SQL syntax, since you will be able to view the correct SQL statement after being translated from your natural-language query. Various database types are supported including MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle.

It supports the majority of different database types such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and MS Access among others. Results can be exported to Excel spreadsheets for easier viewing and sharing.

It takes just a few clicks to add conditions and build the query. No complex SQL constructs to deal with - just a visual interface that looks like a human language sentence.

You don't need to understand database design or table relationships. Easy Query Builder performs all the "dirty" work behind the scenes.

EQB is useful if you are learning SQL. Just build the queries you can imagine and see what they look like in SQL.

Moreover, the changes in the query being built are instantly reflected in the SQL box, so you can track any minor changes. This will allow you to get a more deep understanding of the way things work.

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