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2BizBox ERP has been designed to serve the needs of the make-to-order business model and to help the business improve overall performance. 2BizBox comes complete with over 10 integrated modules called “boxes” and over 60 submodules. Sub-Boxes include specific engineering, sales, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, work order, accounting, and human resource management details.

2BizBox ERP is implemented on top of Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) technology, which provides a robust, flexible, scalable, light-weight and secure platform and framework. With Java technology and other mature open source technology (such as JBoss, MySQL, Linux, Hibernate and more), 2BizBox can be deployed on all Java-enabled operation systems such as all Unix, Linux, and Windows. This provides a high flexibility and a low cost ERP solution for all high growth small-medium businesses. 2BizBox can be deployed on a mainframe, PC or a laptop.

2BizBox is very easy to download, install, use and maintain. Most small medium businesses do not employe professional IT staff to maintain a ERP system. With 2BizBox, a professional IT staff is not required to download, install and run it. With its user-friendly interfaces and the available self-study materials, 2BizBox delivers a rapid self-implementation approach for all manufacturing organizations.

2BizBox is a free ERP software. 2BizBox can be downloaded, installed and used by anyone, anytime and anywhere for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Most other free or open source companies release two ERP software versions, one is free and the other is an “Enterprise Edition” for sell. 2BizBox offers one version equal to other companies “Enterprise Editions” and it is free. All modules are available to everyone. ERP software can be extremely expensive and risky. It is not always affordable for small or medium businesses to buy and implement commercial ERP software. Now with 2BizBox, a powerful, professional, experienced, free-of-charge ERP solution is within reach for all budgets.

2BizBox is a powerful free ERP system that includes over 60 modules/submodules for use. Combining capabilities with engineering management, sales management, purchase management, inventory management, manufacturing management, work order management, financial management and human resource control, 2BizBox provides small and medium businesses a complete solution for managing business.

2BizBox is a typical Client/Server based software. Two programs are in 2BizBox: one on the client computer and another on the server. The client program requests information from the server, displays data and interacts with user. The server program processes and responses the request from client side, and saves data into database. 2BizBox uses HTTP and port 80 to transmit data between server and client. Inside of the server, it can be separated to several components: web server, application server, FTP server and database server. Most of the time, these components can be deployed on the same computer. To be safe, it is also common to save FTP resources including documents, drawings, pictures and other confidential file resources on a separate server.

2BizBox server can be deployed on an in-house server or an online server. All internal users can connect server via LAN. The accessible server should be configured the server port 80 is visitable from Internet.

Another way to run 2BizBox is to deploy server on an online server computer. Users inside the company and outside the company are all able to connect server computer via Internet.

2BizBox support multi-company deployment. One 2BizBox server can deploy and run more multiple companies data. Each company data will save in separate database and totally separated, but share the same program and application server. An example of multi company is, you will see Default company and Test company on login screen. For small companies with several users, you can deploy several of them on the same 2BizBox server to share the server resources.

2BizBox provides formalized business procedures for manufacturing companies which could help with ISO-9000 certification. 2BizBox can help automate many aspects of the manufacturing management by using the reports, documents generated by 2BizBox to meet ISO-9000 requirements. The basic quality control system consists of engineering design control (EDC), engineering change request (ECR) and engineering change notice (ECN) which is the design for manufacturing enterprise. Furthermore, all the input and output should have the unambiguous quality assurance procedure maintained by 2BizBox Quality module, which makes product quality guarantee, identification and traceability. The most important is the amelioration measure , such as corrective action request (CAR), preventive action report (PAR) and etc. Finally 2BizBox provides document control and powerful report for each order. Many users of 2BizBox ERP have already earned ISO certifications with processes and reports 2BizBox offers.

2BizBox is comprehensive and flexible ERP software for manufacturing industry. However, 2BizBox ERP is very simple and easy to use. Among our customers, you can find big companies with thousands 2BizBox users, or small companies only have one user. Most 2BizBox modules are specifically designed for manufacturing industries. However you can use 2BizBox in different ways and dig 2BizBox into certain level according to your company needs. Below lists 4 typical usage levels of 2BizBox ERP, you can find the suitable level to implement 2BizBox in your company.

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