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Mounts SFTP, FTP, WebDAV servers as a local device in Finder.

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Jun 11, 2014
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WebDrive for Mac integrates FTP, FTPS, WebDAV, SFTP, or GroupDrive servers into OS/X Finder by mounting the server as a local device. This allows you to use your favorite Macintosh applications to edit files and save them directly to the server.

The WebDrive for Mac client includes many advanced features like Secure FTP, SFTP, Passive Mode, and Unix file permission support.

WebDrive for Mac also has SSL and SSH encryption capabilities for secure file transfers and Digest Authentication support for WebDAV servers.

Unlike a typical FTP client, WebDrive allows you to open and edit server-based files without the additional step of downloading the file. Using the simple WebDrive site profile manager, you can configure WebDrive to mount a remote FTP server as a local file system device. By connecting through a 'virtual' device, there is no need to learn a separate FTP client interface. You access and edit files on the server the same way that you interact with files on your local Mac.

The WebDrive site profile manager makes it easy to define your connections. Just enter the server URL and your username and password and press "mount", to mount the selected site profile to your server. You can mount different folders on the same server to unique mount points. This provides easier access to frequently updated folders. You can also mount unique volumes to different server types. This functionality is not available in typical FTP software.

Use WebDrive to access and edit files on your server from within your favorite applications. Rather than launching an FTP Client or SFTP Client to update your files, just open the file directly from its folder on the server and the appropriate application will launch. When you are finished, select the 'save' option from within the application. No additional steps to upload or download.

For example, you can launch OpenOffice and access your FTP files from the “Open” menu item on the “File” menu. You can also open your recently edited files. Use Backup to create backups of your web site by selecting the device to be backed up.

WebDrive lets you search for files on your server using your favorite search software or Spotlight for Macintosh. If you use Google Desktop Search, simply configure your search utility to index the files on the device that WebDrive maps to your server. Imagine getting search results from your corporate FTP server, your Apple iDisk storage, and your local desktop in one search!

Once WebDrive has mounted your server as a file system, you can access the server as if the files were locally stored on your computer. Use a Terminal session to access the mounted volume.

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