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Publisher Description

USB to Ethernet Connector for Mac lets your computer work with remote USB devices over Internet/LAN/WAN as if those devices were connected directly to this computer. You can share a USB device with remote computers no matter how far they are and let people all over the world use them easily.

By intercepting USB port activity of a shared USB device and redirecting it via TCP/IP network USB to Ethernet Connector lets you access your printer, scanner, web-cam, USB dongle or any other supported USB device from your home computer or office laptop anywhere any time! Just plug the device in and it will automatically appear on the remote side of the connection.

When developing an iOS app you constantly need an iPhone/iPad to be connected to more than one computer involved in testing and development. With USB to Ethernet Connector you can connect your iOS device via USB to Windows or Mac computer and share it with other Mac, Windows, or Linux computers involved in the development as if it was connected to each of them directly.

Travel a lot and can't sync your iPhone / iPad data with main computer? Use USB to Ethernet Connector by Eltima Software to create secured USB over Ethernet tunnel to sync your iOS device with remote computer no matter how far it is at the moment! You can plug your iPhone in a Mac or Windows computer and sync it via local network or Internet with the remote side.

Rather than having to carry the USB device along to needed locations with a good chance of damage and data loss you can connect USB device to a server computer (Windows, Linux or Mac OS X) and share it out securely to those client computers, which actually need it. USB to Ethernet Connector helps you share USB dongles, USB scanners, USB mass storage devices among many Macs, Windows and/or Linux OS computers. You can use your local network, Wi-Fi connection, RDP channel, or even Internet for sharing.

You may need to use virtualization programs with Windows OS for certain software that is only Windows compatible. At the same time, you need the virtual machines to access the USB keys (dongles) at the remote computer. It may sound tricky, but is solved in a simple manner with USB to Ethernet Connector. Just install USB to Ethernet Connector on both host and guest OS (Windows, Mac, or Linux - doesn't matter) and access USB devices connected to a host machine inside the virtual session.

Many wireless router products provide USB connections, for example Apple AirPort Extreme. Unfortunately it supports only printers and storage devices. USB to Ethernet Connector can replace your router at the office as well as at home and will allow you to connect to various shared USB devices via Internet connection (webcams, scanners, USB dongles, iPods, etc.).

Key Features:

- Using only one application you can share your USB device with other Macs, Linux, or Windows computers over local network or Internet

- Use shared USB devices on virtual machines (VMware Fusion, Parallels, VirtualBox, etc.)

- Share as many USB devices as needed

- Shared USB device can be used by as many clients as you need, however only one client can connect to a shared device at a time

- Whenever plugged in new USB devices can be connected automatically

- Automatic reconfiguration of shared USB ports on each computer boot

- Works great with USB v1.1 and v2.0

- Supports OHCI, UHCI, and EHCI standards

- Full compatibility with Hyper-threading and multi-processor systems

- Implement USB over Ethernet technology into your own program solutions (OEM license)

- Initiate the connection with a client from server side (callback connection) - currently in OEM License

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