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Oct 21, 2014
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USB Block helps you prevent copy of your data to USB drives and CDs/DVDs that do not belong to you. It is a permission based software, once installed, the program asks you to set and confirm a password which it uses to allow access to your own USB drives, External drives, CDs, DVDs etc., while blocking every other drive. This prevents illegal copy, leakage and duplication of your private files and folders.

USB Block also prevents spread of viruses and malware by not letting malicious USB Drives, CDs and DVDs access your PC without your permission (password). The program also blocks unauthorized network computers & non-system drives, keeping malicious activity as far away from your computers as possible. If you use your computer at home or have several PCs in your office, installing USB Block on every computer is your ticket to safe computing.

USB Block prompts for a password every time an external device is plugged into your PC. If you enter the correct password, the program allows full access to that drive, however if you deny access, no file can be copied or leaked from your PC to that drive. The program also maintains a list of authorized devices for you so that you won't be prompted for the password next time. This way, you can allow access and transfer data to your own drives while continue to block others.

USB Block is unique because it blocks all drives, devices, ports and slots from which data can be leaked. The program blocks devices even in Safe Mode, making it impossible for hackers to copy data from your computer. Furthermore, the Program Files folder of USB Block and all the files contained in it are delete proof i.e., no one can delete and uninstall the program without your permission (password). Furthermore, you can also activate Stealth Mode to prevent from being discovered. USB Block works perfectly on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Window 2003 Server.

Having valuable data on-the-go is paramount to making strategic decisions as well as creating market changing innovations. With so much data in hand inside portable devices like USB drives, it is ever so critical to ensure that these portable devices containing sensitive data is safeguarded against any kind of breach and hack attempts.

With a high number of sensitive data being copied to USB flash drives, securing USB drives and other external storage devices is a first-step to protect against malicious hack attempts.

USB Lock helps you to password protect USB drives and all other portable media so that no one can access your data even if they are lost or stolen. Your data will remain protected at all times with USB Lock.

Following is a list of the comprehensive features and benefits that make USB Lock a segment-leading product in portable device protection and security:

- Multiple Device Protection: USB Lock allows you to password protect your portable media including USB flash drives, memory cards and sticks, thumb drives, jump drives and pen drives.

- Cross-platform Functionality: USB Lock keeps your device protected across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

- Small in Size: USB Lock has a small footprint, and the application takes up only 150 KB of space inside your system.

- Ease of Use : USB Lock is extremely easy to use. With virtually no learning curve involved, USB Lock enhances your ability to protect your USB devices instantly.

- User Friendly Interface: USB Lock is easy to install, run and use. It doesn't complicate it's users with technical jargon common in other security programs.

- Strong Data Leak Prevention Total peace of mind from security leaks and privacy breaches. Never again fear of what's happening to your device while it is lost.

- Affordability: USB Lock works well without having to shed hundreds of dollars. It is cost-effective and reliable at the same time.

- Reliable and Independent: USB Lock protects data using several layers of patent pending protection methods. This makes its protection PC and hardware independent.

- No Administrator Rights Required: USB Lock doesn't require any type of admin rights to password protect or open your already protected portable storage devices.

Protecting your data on external drives is fast and extremely easy to implement. To secure your device, simply run the application inside the portable drive and click on 'Lock' in the application. That's it! No lengthy manuals to read and no tech support required. Although we excel in that too!

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