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TotalSpaces provides several handy features for heavy Spaces users. In a way it brings back the old grid-based Spaces behavior we loved in Snow Leopard. It offers custom transitions when switching Spaces. For example featuring the famous Cube transition. And of course you may customize hotkeys, hotcorners and the way circulation through the grid works. Sounds good? Look into the documentation to get more info on individual features in the current version.

An easy to use 2D grid of desktops, inspired by the implementation OS X Snow Leopard. Navigate using the cursor keys, choose your transitions, and quickly access a birds eye view of your grid of spaces where you can manage your application windows.

Instead of having a single row of desktops, TotalSpaces lets you define a grid that you can navigate using up, down, left and right shortcuts (by default mapped to crtl-shift-cursor keys).

By using this grid, you can very quickly move between the desktops you commonly use, and using a hotkey or hot corner you can get a birds-eye overview of all of your desktops.

You select your desired layout using the selector in the preferences panel.

Just click on the grid to choose any dimensions you wish. Here, I have selected 4 columns x 2 rows.

Notice also that you can select to have your Dashboard to the left of your grid, and any full screen apps to the right. With these options turned on, you can access those desktops using the left or right hotkeys as you would any other desktops in your grid. You can only select to have the dashboard on the left if you have chosen "Show dashboard as a space" in Mission Control preferences in System preferences.

If you choose a layout that requires you to set up more desktops, TotalSpaces will prompt you to do this.

Pressing the button will automatically add the desktops for you. You can also add desktops in mission control if you wish.

If you select a layout with fewer desktops than you actually have, TotalSpaces will offer you the option to remove the unused desktops.

When you click on Remove desktops, the highest numbered desktops will be removed.

TotalSpaces allows you to bring up an overview of all the desktops in your main grid by triggering a configurable hotkey or by triggering a hot corner.

When the overview is visible you can navigate to a new desktop by either using the cursor keys, and the enter key to select, or choosing by clicking on a desktop.

You can also organise your windows by dragging them from desktop to desktop.

If you drag a window from one desktop to another, it will automatically put itself in the same position in the new desktop.

But you can also move windows about in their own desktop, by dragging a window to where you want it to be.

As you navigate between your desktops, you will notice that on each movement there appears a notification graphic.

This shows you which desktop you came from, and which you are now on. (You can turn this off in General preferences if you don't like it.)

If you attempt to navigate off the edge of the grid, and you have circulation turned off (so you cannot go that direction), then the notification will show to remind you of your current position.

Note that the notification won't appear when you are going from or to a full screen app desktop, or the dashboard.

You can also navigate using the "Overview Grid", a birds eye view of each of your desktops.

The currently active desktop is highlighted with a blue border. You can either click on the desktop you wish to go to, or you can navigate using the cursor keys to move the blue border and hit enter to change to the desktop you want.

You can dismiss the overview grid by pressing the hotkey again, clicking outside of it, or pressing esc.

You can also use a hotcorner to access the select grid, this can be set up in Hotcorner preferences. Hotcorners currently look at your monitor setup, and choose the leftmost (for the left corners) or rightmost (for right corners) monitor screen to place the corners in.

Circulation allows you to join one edge of your grid to the opposite edge.

If you enable circulation, going left from the left side of your grid will move you to the right side, and vice-versa.

There are two modes for horizontal circulation - when set to join to "Next row", going right from the end of a row of desktops takes you to the left most desktop on the next row below. If it's the bottom row you are going from, you end up on the left most space on the top row.

When set to "Same row", the change of row behaviour does not occur, and the right end of the rows join to the left ends of the same rows.

TotalSpaces allows you to set hotkeys for going Left, Right, Up and Down in your grid of desktops, and for opening the Overview Grid.

You can click inside the hotkey recorder to change the hotkey setting.

Some hotkey combinations are already reserved - TotalSpaces will warn you about this if it's the case, and give you the option to try to force assignment of the hotkey, as some system hotkeys are still marked as reserved by the system even when they are not being used.

You can select whether to use transitions - the animation that is shown when you change desktop - and which type and the speed they go in the Transitions preferences.

Some people prefer to turn the transitions off altogether, and this provides the fastest possible way of changing desktops.

If you like the transitions (and I do), I recommend you use Slide or Cube transitions. But the Swap and Flip settings are useful too - try them out!

The transitions will reinforce the impression that your desktops are in a grid, and help you to remember where each application is.

TotalSpaces allows you to set a hot corner for opening the Overview Grid, the birds-eye view of your desktops.

A hotcorner allows you to trigger the overview just by bringing your mouse down to the corner you have selected.

Hotcorners currently look at your monitor setup, and choose the leftmost (for the left corners) or rightmost (for right corners) monitor screen to place the corners in.

You can also dismiss the overview grid by triggering the hot corner once again.

In order to use TotalSpaces to navigate to your full screen apps, you must tick "Navigate right to full screen desktops" in Layout preferences.

Then your full screen apps will appear to be on the right, on the top row of your grid.

So when you are on your top right desktop, you can then use your rightwards hotkey to get to your first full screen app. Circulation also works from the full screen apps - your rightmost full screen app behaves like it is the rightmost desktop of your top row, and you can circulate to the next row or to the beginning of the same row depending on your circulation settings.

Even if you have "Navigate right to full screen desktops" turned off, you can navigate between your full screen apps by hotkeying left and right.

And hotkeying left from your leftmost full screen app will take you back to your top right desktop.

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