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A simple, fun program to hide and recover text in images. rated StegaMail 5 stars

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May 18, 2012
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StegaMail is a simple, fun program which makes it easy to hide text in an image file, and retrieve text hidden by other people using StegaMail.

StegaMail uses mailto: links to send images to your email program and can open any image to look for encoded images. It includes image, email address, and keyword list management.

Stealthy encoding does not make visible changes, every graphic on this page has hidden messages in it. However, StegaMail is detectable by hard core steganography researchers, and if a secret is thought to be valuable enough to make a serious effort at decoding, the 56 bit key isn't strong cryptography.

When using Stealthy encoding in an image that nobody suspects of hiding a message and a hard to guess key, you should be reasonably assured that your private communications over the internet will remain private. StegaMail is fun, easy privacy for ordinary people, not undetectable unbreakable steganographic cryptography for terrorists and criminals.

The free edition does not permit selection of an encode/decode key, any text encoded will be decodable by anybody who has a copy of StegaMail. The paid edition allows creation of "Stealthy" encoded images with no watermark and a key of your choosing; someone would have to guess that text is encoded in the image, and then guess the key to decode the text.

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