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PDF Stamp COM/SDK 3.2

Apply image watermarks and stamps to PDF documents.

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May 17, 2012
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Publisher Description

PDF Stamp is an advanced product that enables you to stamp content into a PDF document. Besides images, texts and graphics, PDF Stamp is able to add links and notes. These processes can be realized in a determined number of pages with precise control over the size and position, the stamped text and/or images become a permanent part of each PDF document.

There is no limit to the amount of stamps you could apply to a single document and no limit to the amount of documents you can stamp, As special feature you can integrate PDF Stamp into yourself programs (Include client side and Server side applications).

PDF Stamp lets you stamp watermarks such as "Confidential" on pages that include sensitive information or "Draft" on a preliminary PDF document to be distributed for review. You can stamp PDF document names, revision numbers, Date/Time stamps, pages numbers, contact information or any text that you need added to the file.

With the image support you can stamp company logos, author signatures, products, charts or any artwork in image format. A Scale feature is provided with image stamping to easily increase or decrease the size of the stamped image, leaving the original image size intact.-

Use stamp PDF to apply text, watermarks and backgrounds to a PDF document. With stamp PDF, users can customize the content, appearance and action of each stamp as well as combining multiple stamps into one stamp profile. This includes aligning and setting the size of each stamp, or even making your stamps behave like hyperlinks.

Using Ap PDF Stamp, you can:

- Stamp text and dynamic text.

- Apply page numbers.

- Apply image watermarks .

- Specify the position, scale and angle for text and image stamps.

- Set actions for individual stamps.

- Load single stamps into a profile for faster application.

- Save your profiles.

- Use all of these functions in batch process

Key Features:

- Easy to use.

- Does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software .

- Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003 support.

- Supports stamp to the page header and page footer.

- Supports image stamp (JPEG,TIFF,PNG,GIF images).

- Supports text stamp.

- Supports graphics stamp (Line ) .

- Duplicates the original file with the file name you specify. Stamps are placed in the duplicate file, leaving the original copy unchanged.

- Stamp pages using the standard Base 13 fonts and system fonts.

- Supports Font Style, Font Size, Text Modes (solid, outline), Grayscale and RGB Color (0-255 RGB color values supported).

- Top, bottom, vertical center, diagonal-top left and diagonal-bottom left.

- Stamps can be placed in the exact vertical center of a page (or the exact vertical center within a individual stamping space).

- Enabling you to easily position the stamp in any location on the page.

- Stamp on Top of or Underneath the original PDF document page contents.

- Text can be stamped on any angle. Any positive or negative numbers, including decimal numbers may be used to specify an angle in degrees.

- Specify Start and Ending page numbers.

- As an alternative to specifying static values for the text, you can use stamping variables to stamp dynamic data. Dates, times, page numbers, file names are just a few of the variables available. See the PDF Stamp documentation for a listing of all Stamping Variables.

- Supports multiple line text stamps within one stamp item.

- JPEG/TIFF/PNG/GIF image size can be increased or decreased. No need to adjust the image size in another application before the stamp.

- Wrap text to a new line if it would otherwise be too long to fit in its margined area.

- Supports links (web links, go to page, open file, go to remote page).

- Justification (it's only available for multi-line texts)— left, right, or center.

- Previewing stamps.

- Support command line.

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