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Apr 06, 2012
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Windows XP,Vista,Windows 7

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Publisher Description

Get the news that matters the most to you. My Smart Homepage (MSH) constantly updates your personalized homepage with the top news headlines from news site you visit regularly.

With the MSH Smart Bookmark feature, the websites you visit most are stored on your personalized homepage. These bookmarks do not interfere with the bookmarks you store in your web browser. Manage and access your Smart Bookmarks directly from your homepage!

As you browse the web, MSH becomes more and more relevant and targeted to your interests. The Mini Topic Filtering System sorts through all of the information and chooses only the items that are most relevant to you.

MSH automatically creates a collage of pictures for you each day. All you need to do is select a template, add your comments, and you are all done!

Share your favorite websites, images, videos and other online discoveries with your friends and family with a click of a button!

MSH is always observing and learning your interests as you surf the web. It learns and adapts to the topics you are interested in as time goes on. Over time the recommendations become more and more specific and relevant to your interests. MSH also provides you with options that help you further refine the results displayed. MSH streams ongoing events you are following in real time including developing news stories, sports scores, stock market information and much more!

MSH keeps you up to date on changes happening with MSH. A small message at the lower right hand corner of your screen briefly informs you of new features and upgrades. MSH selects posts from your Facebook and Twitter account that are relevant to your current interests, and filters out everything else. This helps you manage the incoming stream of social messages and ensure you never miss an important update. With MSH's Smart Birthday Reminds you'll never forget another birthday again! Wish your friends and family a Happy Birthday without learning your homepage!

Key Features:

- Simple to use – Just download and run MSHP!

- Read the top headlines and news from your favorite websites

- Get interesting updates from your Facebook & Twitter friends

- Monitor websites you like and track interesting news & articles

- Stay up to date on live events such as football scores

- Keep posted on friend’s and family’s Birthdays and special events

- Access your personalized newspaper on-the-go with your iPad, iPhone, Android, or favorite RSS reader.

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