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MacFamilyTree's fifth release offers an entirely new GUI a highly modern, graphical user interface that is individually configurable to your needs.

By the use of Apple's revolutionary Core Data technology it is possible to easily sift through huge databases. These may consist of information about thousands of individuals, including digitized photographic images, sound files and movies.

To achieve this, MacFamilyTree 5 has been completely rewritten with the use of the most recent development technique. An iPhone/iPod touch client is also available from the Apple AppStore named MobileFamilyTree Watch Demo Video Updates from previous versions are available for $25 (US).

Easily enter and then visualize your family history. Be it creating reports, diagrams or browsing your data in the innovative 3D view called Virtual Tree - MacFamilyTree offers a solution for every task. Get an overview of where you hail from and maybe enthuse your relatives about exploring your family's past at your upcoming family reunion.

MacFamilyTree turns dates, names and facts into informative and impressive reports and diagrams. Explore your close and not so close relatives and easily spot persons whose history you might want to dig deeper into. Of course, standard Ancestor Charts, Fan Charts, Descendant Charts, Statistics, Person Reports, Family Reports and several other visualizations can be created and printed with ease.

Collect data and enter it in MacFamilyTree on your Mac or MobileFamilyTree on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Genealogy work has never been more convenient and rewarding. MacFamilyTree's intuitive user interface makes the otherwise time-consuming work of entering all information about family members comfortable and purposeful. Whenever you encounter new information, adding it to your data is a breeze.

MacFamilyTree is not just another cross-platform application written for MS Windows and ported over to Mac OS X. Being developed exclusively for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7, MacFamilyTree profits from the latest and greatest in Apple's Core Technologies. Many convenience features in MacFamilyTree make heavy use of CoreAnimation to point out important information, create shortcuts for you and just make you feel right at home as a Mac user. The CoreData database technology performs well even when browsing family trees of tens of thousands of entries. And on the more recent Macs with Mac OS X 10.6 or Mac OS X 10.7 installed, MacFamilyTree even runs in 64 Bit, squeezing out that last bit of processing power so you don't have to wait for your Mac to catch up with your own working speed.

So does the family data you'd like to visualize span over 10, 50 or even 100 generations? MacFamilyTree 6’s charts scale up to a virtually unlimited number of persons and can be exported or printed, of course. New in MacFamilyTree 6: as soon as you click a chart type, that chart will open immediately and show the data of the first person in your family tree. Simply select a different person in the right-hand person list and the chart will refresh automatically with that person's data. Click a person within the chart and a context menu will open, providing shortcuts to other chart types with that person automatically selected. Be up to date with a person's context and ultimately with your entire family in no time. We listened very carefully to our users and starting with version 6, all charts in MacFamilyTree can be aligned left to right, right to left, top to bottom or bottom up. Use charts the way you like. Completely new: the Hourglass Chart which combines the Ancestor Chart and the Descendant Chart, as well as the Relationship Chart, which shows all the related persons who link person A to person B. If you work with one of Apple’s more recent MacBook or MacBook Pro portable Macs, conveniently use multi-touch gestures on the track pad to zoom in and out of charts, just like on the iPhone.

Research your family members online by accessing one of the largest databases in the world - with several million entries, New FamilySearch is one of the leading resources for genealogists. By using this service, you may be able to gather information about relatives you didn't know anything about but their birth name, birth date and their parents’ names. If you want to collaborate with other genealogists or family members, simply choose data to upload to New FamilySearch so anybody who researches the same person can make the connections which turned up during your research. Please be aware that New FamilySearch, which is run by the LDS, is currently only available to their members.

MacFamilyTree has been very well equipped to handle photos and video files for quite some time, but what MacFamilyTree 6 does with that data is in a class of its own. Quickly browse your collection of files in the CoverFlow view or have your Mac display a fullscreen slide show. And the new Narrative Report can even be included in that slideshow. See the photograph of Great-Great-Great-Great-Aunt Penny in her 19th century dress entering the ferry while MacFamilyTree overlays her biographical data. Sometimes, the best features are the ones you didn't even know you were missing.

Research Laura’s date of christening, try to get your hand on Sarah and George's certificate of marriage and scan grandma’s birth certificate. Oh and what about the group shots from Pauline's confirmation? Once you get started, you'll always face a large number of tasks waiting to be performed and who doesn't forget something every now and then? Let MacFamilyTree help you keep track of your tasks with the To-Do-List feature. Prioritize and categorize anything that comes to mind and make sure you get to the most urgent matters first but don't forget about the small details along the way.

MacFamilyTree doesn’t restrict online research to New FamilySearch and the integrated FamilySearch feature. Other services like, EllisIsland, FindAGrave, FootNote, WorldVitalRecords or Google Search can be accessed from within MacFamilyTree with the new Web Research tool. Instead of opening these websites in Safari and manually entering search data, simply open the Web Research pane, select a person from your list, select the service you'd like to search and click the search button. If one of them comes up with new information in their search results, right-click a name and add it as a person’s family name or right-click a date and add it as a person's birth date.

Entering your family relations comfortably is one thing - getting amazing-looking, informative and meaningful charts compiled automatically by MacFamilyTree is an entirely different story. MacFamilyTree's all new charts and reports will shed a new light on your family tree. These are powerful tools, no matter if you're only interested in your close relatives or if you would like to get an overview of your entire family. Creation of charts is instant so you don't have to wait before browsing your personal history.

Diagrams are all well and good, but what if you're really interested in the entire relevant information about a person or family condensed into an easily readable format? Don't miss the Reports section in MacFamilyTree then. Easily accessible formatting options, inclusion of photos and cut-down charts in the reports, as well as printing and export features let you optimize representation of your relatives' data for great detail as well as for gaining the broad perspective. Choose from a broad selection of report types: Person Report, Family Group Report, Kinship Report, Places, Events, Birthdays, List of Persons, Marriage List Report or the all new Narrative Report.

This one is exclusive to MacFamilyTree and can not be found in any other genealogy application available today: navigate your family data in the third dimension! Follow down each of your family's branches and enjoy your entire genealogy database visualized in this truly innovative way for the first time. Change your perspective from close-up to the bird's eye view to see all persons and their connecting relationships.

Two all-time favorites in the field of genealogy work are the Ancestor Chart and the Descendant Chart which of course play a vital role in MacFamilyTree, too. Gain a quick overview of your ancestors, whom you originate from or visualize any person's descendants. The number of generations MacFamilyTree can handle, including biographical data and image files, is almost unlimited and the graphical editor allows adjusting display properties as well as alignment, colors, fonts, sizes and other parameters to best suit your personal taste.

If you combine the best from both the Ancestor Chart and the Descendant Chart, what you get is the Hourglass Chart. Not only will you see a family member's descent but his or her descendants, as well, giving you a clear picture of a person's succession. View up to 200 generations at a time in this chart type. Print your charts in large formats, either by handing a PDF file to a professional printing service or by spreading a large chart over several single pages. After a bit of handiwork, you could end up with a wallpaper-sized printout. The Fan Chart, on the other hand, is perfectly suited for the examination of a persons's close family relations; up to 10 generations are arranged in circles around a person and of course these can be edited and printed, as well.

So you would like to know which winding path actually connects you and another person in your family tree? The all-new Relationship Chart might be just what you need then. Simply select yourself as the start person and someone else as a target person in the right-hand list and MacFamilyTree will immediately visualize all steps along the line which connects the two of you. The Relationship Charts, you might have guessed by now, are highly adjustable and can be printed on multiple pages, making them suitable for a great number of situations.

Have MacFamilyTree write your biography! The Narrative Report is derived from a person's data you entered earlier and it will create a written report about the relationships and events in his or her life. Optionally, these bits of information can be overlaid onto a slideshow, making it a much more informative experience than merely showing images. The more events you entered in your database, the more detailed the Narrative Report will be - which should serve as further motivation for you to research your family tree in even greater detail.

MacFamilyTree's Virtual Globe shows your family's steady spreading over the surface of the earth. Did some of your relatives emigrate to America some 300 years ago? Without having to manually search lists, you can simply find the answer on the Virtual Globe. All events like birth, graduation, marriage or emigration are automatically marked on the freely rotatable globe. Thanks to MacFamilyTree's new Places Editor, it's easier than ever to find and merge duplicate places, ultimately letting you single out the relevant results in the Virtual Globe more quickly.

New FamilySearch is a central point for researching your ancestor data online and if you wish, that data can even be shared with other genealogists who research persons from your family, effectively enabling easy collaboration. New FamilySearch is currently still in closed operation, we expect the owner of the service to make it available to everyone early 2011. The service is free of charge, no monthly fees or initial payments required to gain access to millions of entries which were collected in over a century of genealogy work.

All reports in MacFamilyTree and all 2D Diagrams are of course printable. In order to print even extensive diagrams readable, they can either be spread over several pages or be exported as a comprehensive PDF file for large scale printout on a plotter printer. If you like a little handicraft work, you could prepare your wallpaper-size printouts for the upcoming family reunion by stitching single pages together.

Of course, MacFamilyTree supports the standard data exchange format GEDCOM. In fact, we try to be as compatible as possible with data coming from other genealogy applications. Why? So you can exchange your data and collaborate with friends or family members no matter if they're PC users or work on a Mac. GEDCOM is about overcoming the differences and concentrating on your important genealogy work.

Our exclusive internet service is freely available to all customers. Publish your family tree online with only a few clicks and password-protect that data. Make sure this way that only those persons access your personal data, whom you give the login data. Select one of the default color schemes and cutomize the website to your preferences.

In case you won't publish your data online and it's just too much data to attach to an e-mail, why not burn that website to a CD or DVD? Combine the exported website and the GEDCOM file on a DVD so that even relatives who don't use a genealogy application can view your work's results - in any browser they prefer.

Access your genealogical research when ever and where ever you want. MobileFamilyTree is MacFamilyTree's companion application on the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. Never miss an opportunity again for checking and editing existing data or collecting new information about your beloved ones and distant relatives alike. Back home, simply sync your changes with MacFamilyTree on your Mac to bring it up to date.

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