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KonaKart is an affordable Java based shopping cart software solution for online retailers. It consists of a feature rich store front application and a browser based administration application using AJAX technology to give a productive and snappy interface.

KonaKart contains easy to use Java APIs and a SOAP Web Service interface that allow you to quickly integrate eCommerce functionality into your existing systems. The customizable parts of KonaKart are Open Source and available under the GNU LGPL. It can be deployed as a portlet following the JSR 168 standard in products such as Liferay and Jetspeed. An interface to OpenCMS is also included in the download.

Please visit the KonaKart web site for further details, including information about the Enterprise Extensions that include extra features such as multi-store functionality and indexed search.

Key Features:

- Fast indexed search caters for misspellings, synonyms, plurals and alternate spellings.

- Products can be filtered

- Products can be sorted

- Product features can be compared against the features of other similar products. This is especially useful for technical products with many variations such as mobile phones and digital cameras.

- Gift registries such as wedding lists can be searched for using a variety of search parameters.

- There are Best Seller lists for each category to help customers make a decision.

- There are Latest Product lists for each category so that customers can see which products are new.

- Reviews and product ratings allow customers to see what others think about a product.

- For each product a user can see what other products were bought by customers who bought that product.

- Just in case a customer is still undecided, he can be shown a list of similar products (cross-selling) or a list of top of the range similar products (up-selling).

- Once a customer has decided which product to buy, he can be shown a list of suitable accessories and dependent products such as service plans or extended warranties.

KonaKart includes a sophisticated browser based administration application. It uses AJAX technology to provide a snappy user interface while the maintaining all of the advantages of running the application from a browser. The intuitive interface includes an on line help system to improve productivity and to quickly give you the hints you need for those tasks which aren’t performed on a daily basis.

Since KonaKart was developed for enterprise customers, it incorporates a security subsystem with role based security. Each user can be assigned one or more roles that determine access to the available functionality with read / insert / edit and delete granularity. The user name / password based access, has the facility to block users for a programmable period after a number of unsuccessful login attempts.

Auditing may be enabled for all Admin App API calls with two levels of detail. All audit data is stored in the KonaKart database and may be browsed and filtered from within the application.

The Admin App is fully internationalized and can be translated via a message catalog.

We recognize that you want your on line store to be unique and stand out from the crowd, so KonaKart has been designed to be easy to customize to suit your particular business.

Customizing the appearance of the store is simple because all of the user interface source code is provided. We expect that you will want to customize the look of your store so KonaKart has been designed with this in mind. You can add your own logo and styles or completely change the look and feel of the store to make it look exactly the way you want. Since the store communicates with the KonaKart eCommerce engines through a stable set of APIs, your customizations continue to work as new versions of KonaKart are released.

There are a variety of techniques for customizing the behavior of the KonaKart engine functionality. Examples of the kinds of things you are able to do are:

- Add new payment and shipping modules. Many examples of these modules are included “out of the box” but KonaKart allows you to plug in new modules as you please, if, for example, you wish to interface to your own preferred payment gateway system

- Execute your own code when certain events happen (e.g. when an order is made, you can execute your own code to send the order to another system). These “hooks” are designed to help you integrate your KonaKart store with other systems you might have such as your ERP or Warehousing systems.

- Enable Single Sign On by overriding KonaKart’s login checks. This allows a user to log in to many of your systems at once by just specifying one password – which leads to a much better user experience for your customers.

- Use customers defined in another system. Many companies will already have customers defined in an existing system. KonaKart can be customized to interface to this external data source instead of using customer information directly from its own database.

Comprehensive code examples and tutorials are provided in the documentation.

Professional Support is available to assist you with all of your Customization tasks should this be required.

The parts of KonaKart that customers are most likely to want to customize are all open source. These include the Struts action classes and forms, the JSPs, the velocity templates, the BIRT reports, the payment modules, order total modules, shipping modules and the GWT One Page Checkout code. They are shipped under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

The remaining components of the KonaKart community edition are free, but not open source.

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