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Apr 28, 2012
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KinectCapture is a powerful tool for recording, previewing, and exporting Microsoft Kinect sensor data. Record synchronized depth, color, skeleton, and audio streams from multiple Kinect sensors effortlessly. Then visualize the recorded data in a built-in 3-D media player.

The playback tool allows you to advance to a specific point within the capture session and manipulate the data in 3-D. You can then automatically export your data into compressed AVI video files, Matlab (MAT) files, and XML to start analysis right away.

Key Features:

- Record depth, color, skeleton, and audio data from multiple Kinect sensors simultaneously. Video and audio streams are automatically synchronized.

- The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. A comprehensive help section can also guide you through every step of the process.

- A Kinect sensor can produce a lot of useful data. KinectCapture lets you export data whenever you want, allowing you to record back-to-back sessions.

- Export recorded sessions to Matlab (MAT), XML, or AVI video files at a click of a button. Multiple sessions can be queued and batch processed automatically.

- The automatic export to MAT and XML files allows you to focus on the analysis aspect of your work. The data is structured in an intuitive and well-documented format.

- A variety of depth and color image resolutions and frame rates are supported. KinectCapture provides the flexibility of capturing in different formats across cameras in the same recording session.

- Use the built-in 3-D media player to visualize the data right after recording it. Rotate and scale to view the data from different vantage points. Preview the data as you would in a standard media player.

- The rendering of depth, color, and skeleton video files is another useful way of previewing the data. It can also be used to analyze audio/visual synchrony.

- Preview and manipulate the viewing angle of the Kinect sensors during a recording session.

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