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Administration of an HR or Human Resources department requires accurate and precise data management. While Microsoft Excel can be useful for saving certain information in list format, Excel is not a database, and simply is not the best choice for managing confidential and critical HR data.

Online HR management databases exist, but they can be expensive, difficult to use, and simply impractical for many organizations. Not to mention, are they really secure with your data?

None of the current HR management software solutions are as robust and powerful and secure as a true custom-design HR desktop database.

HR Access Database Software by DB-Pros was designed to administer HR and employment data with instant results, while maintaining the accuracy and security that is required for modern business.

This HR database management system can be used in many ways, from handling existing HR departments or to track applicants and resumes for job requisitions at growing businesses.

Key Features:

- Manage confidential HR information in a powerful secure desktop database

- Search, sort and filter critical employee and job history data instantly

- Create work statuses dynamically to handle existing employees and new applicants

- Filter your organization by work status and criteria that you define

- Preserve emergency contact information in electronic format and paper copies

- Run and print essential reports for your organization, filtered by your criteria

- Maintain detailed wage and position history for every member in your staff

- Attach important documents and attachments directly to the employee's file - no more searching for lost files - keep them all in one database at your fingertips

- Record disciplinary action(s) and use reporting to ensure proper follow-up and compliance

- Scalable and flexible custom database design can handle from one to thousands of employee records, with no extra cost to you (Note: we recommend daily backup of your HR database file)

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