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Aug 29, 2012
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FrontFace is a new, innovative user interface (UI) extension for the Microsoft Windows operating system. While Windows was made for the traditional Desktop PC, new device types such as Netbooks, Tablet PCs or All-in-One Home PCs demand a different user interface. FrontFace provides you with a visually attractive and easy to use interface without losing compatibility to the huge eco system of existing Windows applications.

FrontFace is perfect for quickly accessing applications (including Web apps), surfing the Web and for keeping up-to-date with status information from the Social Web (RSS, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) on Netbooks and Tablets.

FrontFace was designed to give the actual applications (e.g. Web Browser) as much space as possible on the screen. This makes FrontFace perfect for devices with small screens (e.g. Netbooks). The advanced touch screen features bring a great user experience on Tablet PC's and All-in-One PC's with touch screens. Of course you can also operate the software using the mouse / touchpad.

The start page of FrontFace shows your regular Windows wallpaper and allows you to place custom widgets. These widgets are currently available: Big Clock, Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Calendar, Recently Used Apps, Web Search, Bing News, Wikipedia, Bing Translator, Notifications. More widgets will be available shortly for free! Additionally you can use any Windows 7 widget in case FrontFace is installed on a Windows 7 system.

FrontFace not only supports Web apps and custom FrontFace applications - it also supports any "normal" Windows application (e.g. Microsoft Office). You can use FrontFace to switch between running applications either by using the forward and backward buttons or you can access a list of currently running applications.

FrontFace makes launching applications absolutely easy! Just click on the appropriate glass button in the app starter and your app is ready to be used. FrontFace supports built-in applications, Web apps (e.g. Wikipedia, Google Mail, etc.) and of course all native Windows applications (e.g. MS Office).

FrontFace provides an easier way to access the Windows start menu or desktop shortcuts. You do not have to poke around in tiny popup menus - FrontFace makes everything more accessible - a must-have on devices with small screen resolutions and on touch screens.

FrontFace has a special mode for Web applications (applications that completely run in the browser). By removing all parts of the browser's user interface, you get as much space as possible for the actual application and have a true "desktop application" look and feel.

FrontFace comes with special applications exclusively made for FrontFace (e.g. RSS/Twitter Reader, E-Mail Checker, etc.) More FrontFace applications will be available soon for free for all FrontFace users!

FrontFace has its own, built-in Web browser application. It is compatible with the Internet Explorer bookmark manager and offers a special UI that is optimized for use on touch screen devices. Alternatively you can use any other Web browser as your default browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) if you prefer.

The system tray of FrontFace gives you information about the current status of your device's battery, Wi-Fi connectivity and volume control of the sound card. Support for other Windows tray icons will be available soon.

While FrontFace allows you to run any Windows application inside FrontFace, there might still be some situations where you would like to use the normal Windows user interface instead. FrontFace allows you to "switch back" to the normal Windows UI and return to FrontFace again. This feature gives you 100% compatibility to any Windows application!

You can change the skin (design) of the FrontFace UI according to your personal preferences and to the design of your device. Choose from textures like brushed steel, carbon, wood, leather or colored glass to make your FrontFace more personal!

No need to permanently check your e-mail inbox for new e-mails! Let FrontFace do this job for you. Once a new e-mail hits your inbox a notification is added to the FrontFace notification center.

Follow RSS feeds (e.g. on Facebook) or Twitter feeds. The RSS reader application routes all status updates directly to the notification center of FrontFace.

The notification center of FrontFace is the central hub where status updates from all over the Web are aggregated. Use helpful filters to find out what has happened during a certain period of time! Never miss any important information! Everything you need to know like e-mails, RSS feeds, tweets or social network status updates can be routed into the notification center!

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