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Find & Replace It! is a high-end solution to find files and execute search and replace operations across multiple files. It allows performing very complex batch replacements inside text files of any size. It supports regular expression syntax and dozens of encodings charsets. It has scripting capabilities which allow transforming on the fly the replacement text for every found string. It even handles batch processing of the encoding of files, as well as of types of end-of-lines.

If you regularly work with text files, if you make websites, or develop software, Find & Replace It! allows you to maintain and transform the contents of your files in a few clicks. Do you have to rename a page in a website and thus need to edit URLs in hundreds of files? Simply select the root directory of your website and indicate the string to replace. Then, the replacement can be made across your entire website in just one click. Do you need to modify files headers in some parts of the source code of your application? Find & Replace It! allows to finely filter the files to be processed or not. It also provides tools to introduce contextual information into your replacement string, for instance: the current date, the name of the file where the replacement is in progress, etc. For each batch-replacement, it provides statistics about the number of replacements within every modified file, and counts the number of processed files. Of course, all classical features of such a tool, like the possibility to save your job, backup modified files, export the replacement report, and much more are available.

So far Find & Replace It! is nothing more than a classical search & replace utility like many others on the web. However here are five key points that make the difference with its competitors:

- Handles more than 50 different kinds of text encodings. If you have troubles with any kind of Unicode data like UTF-8 encoded files, any Chinese contents, or any other non ASCII contents, Find & Replace It! is the solution for you. It also handles the different kinds of end-of-line.

- Handles huge files. If you want to process any kind of files containing tons of text, like a log of 10 GB, Find & Replace It! will do it for you.

- Provides a regular expression editor. This editor offers tools to easily build advanced regular expressions even if you are a newbie.

- Provides a preview for found and replaced text. The preview window gives you an immediate feed-back that makes easy to check the impact of your replacement within any file without modifying its content. This is especially useful whenever you are searching for a complex expression and you don't want to replace it blindly in many files. This is of course an excellent regex tool, that let's you easily test your regular expressions.

- Makes it possible to dynamically adjust the replacement text. It provides many ways of dynamically adjusting the replacement text according to the context. For instance, it is possible to reuse a fragment of the found expression into the replacement text, do arithmetic operations on found text, insert the path or the name of the processed file, apply conditional operations on the replacement string (JavaScript interface), manipulate dates, etc.

These key features associated to many others makes it one of the most feature rich tool to find and replace regular expressions over multiple files. It's also a powerful tool for converting the text encodings (charsets conversion, including the Byte Order Marks), or the end-of-line delimiters, across multiple files. In addition, it's probably the only software in this category that is portable!

The GUI of Find & Replace It! consists of several panes that you can arrange in any way you want. You can dock panes side by side, arrange them in tabs, or make them float. Adjust the windows layout to the way you like to work. Find & Replace It! comes with four pre-arrange layouts that can be customized the way you want depending on the size of your screen. You can switch from one layout to another in a simple click.

Key Features:

- Find and replace across many files at once

- Execute multiple different replace operations (i.e. ability to run a sequence of several distinct replacements in one shot)

- Supports regular expression syntax

- Allows multi-line searching

- Supports many text encodings, including Unicode (e.g. UTF-8)

- Preserves line endings while processing files

- Preserves BOM while processing Unicode files

- Allows you to perform dynamic replacements based on found expression captures

- Provides built-in processing function for dynamic replacements (e.g. convert captured expressions to lower case, Base64 encoding, Hex encoding, UTF-8 encoding, etc.)

- Provides a JavaScript like interface to customize replacements on the fly by script processing

- Displays matched expressions reports for file search/replace operations

- Full featured dynamic preview of matched expressions and replacements

- Provides tools for converting text encoding

- Provides tools for converting line endings (Windows, Unix, Macintosh, Unicode)

- Detects text encoding and line endings of files

- Provides advanced filtering options for selecting files that need to be processed, including file name filters and file path exclusion filters

- Allows you to load and save expressions to find, replacement definitions and file filters

- Handles huge files (> 10 GB)

- Regular expression editor / tester

- Fully multi-threaded for fast processing and responsiveness

- Allows you to cancel long operations

- GUI is totally modular

- Creates backup of changed files if required

- Exports the search and replace reports

- Cross-platform: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

There is a lot of "search and replace" tools on the web, but not that much who care about text encoding and end-of-lines like Find & Replace It! does. This feature enables you to effectively maintain websites, whatever the language. The same apply to us when we have to work with some source code that mixes XML configuration files, several source code files and HTML documentation. All of them use a distinct text encoding. However, whenever we have something to rename, all files need to be updated. The competitors simply do not handle the encoding detection. In the same way, most of them don't like big files and might just hang if you try to handling a 2 GB file. It could be the only way to do some search and replace operations inside a very large log file. It is also the only software we've ever seen in this category, that offers a JavaScript interface to process the replacement text on the fly! Briefly, you can apply some script whenever the software replaces a piece of text somewhere in a file. The integrated regular expression editor is one of the best you can find. Same for the preview window. Finally, it is cross-platform. That is something pretty rare and very useful for developers.

One of the most powerful feature of Find & Replace It! is its ability to dynamically transform the texts to be replaced. This involves mixing all the classical possibilities of regular expressions with JavaScript programming. It is possible to look for very complex patterns with regular expressions. However a simple replacement by a static text is most of the time insufficient. Therefore, the scripting feature gives us all the power of JavaScript to format whatever we need and the regular expressions simply tell us where to apply the script.

How about automatically transform all references to file paths into either relative or into absolute paths, according to their real location? And what would you think of inserting the size of each file somewhere in the file itself, of course with the format of your choice? Do you need to update some miscellaneous dates within some web pages by shifting them of one month? The scripting interface can bring solutions to all these kinds of problems.

Are you looking for a way to obfuscate your source code? After a few searches on the web you should find a JavaScript example of the AES encryption algorithm. Assuming a few tweaks, you should be able to replace all the names of your functions with their cyphered version. Then, a few minutes later you should have the script for decrypting the source code! Now you can distribute the binaries obtained from the cyphered source code, and decrypt your code for continuing the development process! Sound unfeasible? We tried it, and it worked after some adjustements for both the source code and the AES implementation.

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