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Jul 24, 2013
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Publisher Description

EverDesk is an innovative email client which offers an entirely new approach to email communications. It helps you to keep your data organized in the most effective manner possible by storing emails as separate files rather than in complicated databases which, in most email clients, you cannot simply browse through.

EverDesk also syncs with Google's popular web-based services including complete support for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and even Google Docs. Always keep data updated with ease. Everdesk provides a user-friendly interface, combining the features of a calendar, contacts list, file manager and email client all in one convenient program.

Impressively, Everdesk is also able to let you have multiple Gmail accounts open at the same time which is something that's impossible using a web browser. You can also take advantage of the global email feature which allows you to view all emails from multiple accounts on the same page.

EverDesk combines the best features of your email client, file manager, Windows Desktop, and Calendar into one tightly integrated window, making it the most unique and comprehensive information management software on the market.

EverDesk integrates email functionality within your larger Windows environment. It enables you to see, organize, and work with all of your email, all of your attachments, all of your Windows files and documents from within a single interface. There's no more switching back and forth between your email program and other applications.

EverDesk stores each email message and each attachment you send or receive as its own individual file. This approach has numerous advantages over the conventional method, including:

- Emails and attachments can be stored and managed in the same folders as the rest of your files.

- Easier and more powerful attachment functionality in virtually any scenario.

- As individual files, they are not prone to corruption that may threaten .pst files that comprise the email database in other email programs.

- EverDesk maintains the integrity of each communication (email message + its attachments) by displaying each communication as a whole while at the same time allowing the individual parts to be manipulated independently.

- No need to switch to other applications to view the attachments - preview them immediately in EverDesk's Preview Pane

EverDesk includes two folder trees within its interface. Like other email programs, it utilizes a familiar set of mail folders - an Inbox, Sent Items, Outbox, etc.

Unlike other email programs it also doubles as a file manager by including a second tree comprised of your Windows subject folders.

The coexistence of mail and file folder trees has significant benefits. For the first time, you have the option of moving emails directly to your Windows subject folders, or your files and documents to mail folders, where they can reside side by side without losing critical communication information. Thus, with EverDesk, each subject or mail folder can become the center of any subject, project, or activity by keeping all the relevant information together - including various files, documents, received mail, sent mail, and attachments.

With EverDesk, all of your stuff, is all in one place!

EverDesk's Mail and File filters allow you to view your received mail, sent mail, attachments, files, and more in their own individual categories, even after they have been stored together in the same folder. When working within mail folders these filters conveniently replace classic mail folders, such as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Unread, Attachments, etc.

These filters also provide the useful functionality to view any combinations of incoming or outgoing mail, files and attachments. You can also filter your views by file type and/or use a combination of filters to find files or create useful views that you cannot find in other programs.

How about one-click access to all of your favorite contacts, programs, web links, files and folders - again, without leaving EverDesk? Just mouse up to the QuickBoard pane, stretched conveniently across the top of EverDesk's all-in-one interface as a number of tabs.

Each QuickBoard tab represents a separate space for your shortcuts which you can group based on your preferences. There, you can place familiar, easily - recognizable contacts, files, folder, and program icons chosen and organized in any arrangement you choose. And you can create as many tabs as you wish - it's a bit like having several Windows Desktops, only the QuickBoard does much more and doesn't require you exiting or minimizing another window to get to.

Not only can you place your shortcuts to various items on the QuickBoard, but you can easily customize their icons with EverDesk's QuickBoard customization tool. This really comes in handy for contacts and web links, as you can customize contacts with real pictures and web links with relevant web icons in just a few simple steps.

In EverDesk you will find a full Calendar for your scheduling needs. In addition to all the usual functionality found in other applications you will also enjoy a dual time zone panel for travelers, and a wide range of views to easily navigate between different kinds of events.

In addition, EverDesk lets you create as many calendars as you wish to better organize your events and activities - no other application on the market does this. Google users can also independently synchronize any calendar with a different Google account.

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