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Export and merge registry keys remotely from the central location on schedule.

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Apr 25, 2013
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Publisher Description

Remote Registry Merge is a visual tool for centralized exporting and modifying registry keys on remote PCs across the local network. You can use it to export registry keys or entire registry from multiple remote PCs and save exported information as a set of .reg files. It can be helpful, for example, when you need to check a particular registry key on multiple remote PCs. Instead of processing every PC individually using Regedit you can export registry keys from remote PCs in an automatic mode and then look for required registry keys in the created .reg files.

The application also allows you to apply registry changes on network PCs remotely. In order to use this feature you need to have a .reg file with registry changes. Remote Registry Merge imports this file on a remote PCs in order to apply changes.

Remote Registry Merge has a simple UI that guides you through required steps to export and merge registry data. By following the wizard you can configure registry keys to be exported or merged in scope of remote operation and select PCs to operate with. Remote Registry Merge can automatically scan network to detect available PCs in the Active Directory and Workgroups, so you can select target PCs easily. When remote operation is configured you can launch it immediately, save it as a task for quick execution at any time or schedule it for an automatic execution on schedule.

Scheduled registry merge and export tasks are automatically executed by the application on the defined date and time. You can configure any task for a one-time or recurrent execution. All scheduled tasks are displayed on the calendar view that is similar to Microsoft Outlook calendar, so you can check execution results for any task and manage it easily.

Key Features:

- Exporting of entire registry content from one or multiple remote PCs. Exported registry keys and values are stored as .reg files created for every remote PC.

- Exporting selected registry keys with or without subkeys from one or multiple remote PCs. A list of exported keys is defined by an export conditions that is represented as paths to keys in registry. Exported data is stored as .reg files created for every remote PC.

- Applying registry changes to add, modify, or delete registry keys and values on one or multiple remote PCs by merging content of .reg file into the registry.

- One-time immediate execution of registry export or merge operation on remote PCs. Operation wizard allows to select export/merge conditions and target PCs where operation should be executed.

- Creating reusable export/merge tasks that can be configured once and then be executed multiple times manually on demand or automatically on schedule. All tasks have unique names for reference and configuration that includes export/merge conditions and a list of target PCs.

- Time required for configuration of export/merge conditions for a remote task or operation can be saved if other tasks already have required conditions. Export/merge conditions can be copied from one or multiple saved tasks.

- Automatic execution of export/merge tasks on schedule. Execution schedule can be configured through intuitive visual editor. It allows to setup one-time and recurrent task execution, schedule execution of multiple tasks, makes possible to define execution exceptions, etc.

- Execution progress of running tasks can be tracked though a special Task Manager view. It provides an ability to see a progress for every PC and cancel a task execution on a particular PC or on all PCs at once.

- The application can work in domain and workgroup network environment and allows to manage PCs located in domains and workgroups.

- In domain-based networks the application extracts information about network environment directly from the Active Directory. Extracted information includes domain structure and hierarchy, so it's displayed correspondingly in the application, including all available PCs and organization units.

- Alternative grouping of network PCs allows to create and manage own groups of computers. It simplifies configuration of remote tasks, because custom groups created once can be used to quickly fill a list of target PCs on tasks configuration.

- Complex network environments usually have different administrative credentials for different domains and PCs. To manage them the application allows to configure different credentials to access different groups and individual PCs.

- Detailed execution report is available for every completed task. It includes execution date, time and status for every PC and detailed troubleshooting information in case of error.

- E-mail notifications can be sent automatically at specified addresses when remote tasks are started and/or stopped. This feature can be used to send SMS notifications through Email-to-SMS service of a mobile operator.

- Balloon tips can be displayed in the System Tray when remote tasks are started and/or stopped.

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