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Mar 03, 2012
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Tired of having to reproduce the same set of links for similar pages within your DNN portal? DynaLinks is a DotNetNuke Module that allows a user to create a set of hyperlinks for any DNN web page. Once that set is created for that page, it can then be dynamically referenced any other DynaLinks module on any DNN web page within the portal. This great feature can save you hours of work. What’s more, when the referenced DynaLinks are modified, those changes are automatically inherited by ever other DynaLinks module on any DNN page that references that DynaLink module’s hyperlinks. DynaLinks comes with an easy to customize CSS so you can style your hyperlinks to match whatever themes your web page has. DynaLinks supports hyperlinks to internal pages, internal files, and external links. Links can be launch within the same browser window or hosted in a new browser window. DynaLinks support localization for six major languages as well as IPortable and IUpgradable interfaces. Find out, today, how DynaLinks can save you time and effort in building and managing your hyperlinks.

While many facets of DynaLinks add power to your web development, dynamic linking is where the power of DynaLinks is truely realized. Dynamic linking allows a DynaLinks module to directly reference another DynaLinks module's custom links. When the referenced module's custom links are changed, all referencing DynaLinks modules are automatically changed as well. This feature allows you to setup one page with custom links and then reference those links from every other page thus saving alot of time! See the screen shot below (fig 1) for how a DynaLinks module can reference custom links on another DynaLinks module or page.

While dynamic linking allows a DynaLinks module to reference the links of another DynaLinks module, custom linking is where an original set of links for a DynaLinks module is created. When creating custom links for a DynaLinks module, you can link to existing pages or files in your portal or link to external URLs on the Internet. Each custom link can be given a title as well as a tooltip or alt tag. Additionally, custom links can be either launch within the same browser window or in a new and seperate one. DynaLink also allows for easy re-ordering of the custom links. See the screen shot below (fig 2) for how a DynaLinks module can be used for custom link creation.

DynaLinks also allows for custom links to be copied from another DynaLinks module to the current one. While this is not dynamic referencing discussed earlier, it does allow you to copy links so you can further modify them without having to retype them all. This is particularly valuable when you have a page with links that are simliar to another page, but you have some additoinal changes you'd like to make. Below is a screenshot (fig 3) of how you can copy custom links from another page.

DynaLinks is licensed based on serial number activations. Each purchase can be activated over the Internet using a serial number you would have received via email from Points North Systems following your purchase. Simply copy in your serial number to activate your current license. Below is a screen shot (fig 4) of that licensing screen.

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