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May 18, 2011
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The ultimate home recipe database and organizer just got even better! Now with iPhone and iPad integration with the FREE Cuisine To Go iPhone app. Computer Cuisine Deluxe is a mac recipe software database & cookbook organizer for your home with iPhone & iPad integration.

This is a true full-featured recipe database/organizer. Includes over 1,000 recipes to help you get started. Other features include a weekly planner, shopping list, nutritional guide, photo menus to import your recipe photos into the database, expanded notes area, conversions menu, and many tools to make drag-n-drop recipe entry simple from popular recipe web sites.

Key Features:

- Revamped Recipe Print Layouts - Prints single recipe entries up to seven pages in length in all-new cleaner print layouts.

- Advanced Settings Menu - More customizable than ever before. Enter your organizer preferences for emailing and printing, and then enjoy one-click functions.

- Batch Recipe Printing - Select multiple recipes from the list menu and enjoy multi-recipe printing with one-click.

- Recipe Lists Updates - Updated list menus allow you to quickly jump to all recipes of a certain category, letter, serving size or even alphabetically. This organizer has been greatly expanded to include quick columns for recipes with photos, low cal, etc.

- Password Preservation (Mac) - Registered Macintosh Users can enter in your password one time, and save it to Apple’s software keychain so you never have to enter your master password ever again.

- Cookbook Cleanup Functions - Expanded organizer cleanup functions include removal of double-spaces, correcting returns, font color/sizing correction and much more.

- New Automated Tools - Backup your entire home recipe collection, backup photos, set favorites, use your scroll mouse in recipes, make text single or double-spaced, and other tools to make life easier.

- Spelling Highlights As-You-Type - See questionable spelling alerts highlighted in your text as you type.

- Category Type Icons - Quickly recognize home recipes by item type, based on cooking category icons assigned to each dish.

- Find Duplicate Recipes Instantly - Just select the function to view duplicate recipes and you can quickly save, omit or delete any duplicates. This organizes your recipe collection in seconds.

- Fraction Conversions - Need help with fractions? Have a recipe that calls for 2/3 cup but you have to multiply it by 5? Just enter in these fractions in the conversions area to have Computer Cuisine Deluxe's cooking software calculate it to the ideal measurement.

- Import MasterCook Recipes - We’ve added a new software tool which lets you import recipes created from the program MasterCook as “MXP” files for either single recipes or entire cooking recipe collections. Now you can browse the web for pre-formatted MasterCook program-based recipes and import them with ease.

- Internet Features - Include embedded photos as attachments with one click, search popular recipe sites like and more.

- Shopping List - With our recipe organizer, manage your grocery list and have shopping lists automatically generated from our software based on selected recipes for your cooking.

- Weekly Planner - Plan a full week of meals with ease! Just select the meals you'd like to prepare for the week, and have Computer Cuisine Deluxe do the printing, compiling and listing.

- Nutritional Guide - Enter in your criteria (age/gender/height/weight) and have our program Computer Cuisine Deluxe generate your exact calorie requirements. You can then enter in nutritional information for recipes, and have daily percentages calculate on the fly.

- Updated Find Menu - Now accomplish detailed searches with the greatest of ease. The updated Find Menu allows for searches based on recipe info, source, food, notes, and even nutritional information.

- Photo Menu - Use your digital camera to take a picture of your own cooking, and include them in your database with a simple click of the mouse. It's so easy!

- Even More Print Options - Print from a variety of sizes with the updated print options. You can now choose smaller fonts for printing directly to 3x5" recipe cards.

- Expanded Notes Area - Write detailed notes about each recipe which you can later use to keep track and manage the recipe's website, publication, source, cookbook, etc.

- Updated Conversions Menu - Even more Metric/U.S. conversion choices are available. Just type in your measurement in a box and hit enter. The metric conversions are displayed on the right instantly.

- Backup Your Recipes Safely and Easily - New software tools have been built into Computer Cuisine Deluxe to make it even easier to manage and backup your recipe data. Just select "Backup All Recipes" from the Tools command, and that's it! You can import/recover your recipe data just as easily.

- Huge Collection - Over 1,000 recipes already entered for your convenience.

- Internet Features - Added program commands that take advantage of email and web features! Email a recipe to a friend with one click.

- Detailed Lists - List your recipes by item, category, type of food, or servings. You can choose. Your recipe organizer has never been this easy.

- Expanded sorting functions - Sort and organize huge cookbook recipe lists with one simple click.

- more time, there are over ONE THOUSAND recipes included!

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