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Jul 16, 2015
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Windows XP,Vista,Windows 7

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Protect your important documents, photos, music, videos and other data by backing it up for free with BitReplica from Auslogics Software. The program lets you create multiple backup profiles with different settings - you can separate work from personal files, documents from photos, or set other rules.

The Profile Wizard makes selecting files for backing up very easy by offering you a list of standard Windows locations and file categories to choose from. These include email contacts, pictures, videos, documents kept in the My Documents folder, email client or web browser profiles, etc. You can add additional folders and files by browsing your hard drive and adding locations to the list.

The program even allows you to save security settings and other similar data associated with the items being backed up - this option can be configured in profile settings.

Schedule automatic backups to run hourly, daily or weekly, or back up manually whenever it is convenient for you. Synchronize files on two networked drives to create identical sets of files you can work with from either location - now you don't have to worry about having to manually transfer changes when moving between two work computers or between your desktop and laptop. Split backups into volumes by standard CD or DVD sizes so they can be later written onto disks.

BitReplica lets you create full backups, or save disk space by using incremental or differential backup engines. Restoring the saved data is made easy too - you can restore the whole backup with just one click of the Restore button, or browse it like a regular folder and select individual items you would like to restore.

Don't let years of precious memories or hours of document work disappear in a hard drive crash or another PC disaster - get BitReplica absolutely free and start backing up your important data today!

Save all of your important documents, precious photos, videos and music files to an external drive or a networked PC to make sure you never lose any of them. You can specify file groups or select individual folders to back up.

Create separate backup profiles with different schedules and other settings for different file types. You can make separate archives for work and home files, or base backup rules on how frequently you modify certain files. Each profile can be customized to fit your needs, preferences and schedule.

For each profile you create, you can set a specific time schedule for creating backups with options for hourly, daily or weekly launching, or set it to manual if you prefer to launch it yourself when it is convenient or needed.

Instead of simply copying files, you can have the program compare files in the source and destination folders and only back up the files that have been modified since the last backup (Incremental mode) or modified since the last full backup (Differential mode). The Full Backup feature allows you to make a backup copy of every single file you specify regardless of whether a backup of that file already exists.

Keep your backups and source folders in sync by setting the program to synchronize files when creating a backup. This is especially useful when you need to work on the same files on two different PC`s. Newly created files can be copied to the other drive, while files that have been deleted from one drive can be deleted from the other to keep the two sets in sync.

Storing backups on external devices (such as CD`s or DVD`s) is convenient, but when you have a lot of data to back up, one disk may not be enough to save all of it to. The program is conveniently equipped with a feature that allows dividing backups to be stored on several storage drives.

Sometimes you only need to recover one or several files that are part of a backup. Let`s say you edited half of the photos in a folder, but accidentally deleted the other half. If you had the folder backed up with BitReplica, instead of restoring the whole backup, you can restore only the files you need.

BitReplica lets you back up files from practically any storage device, not just your hard drive. Go ahead, connect your camera to your computer and back up all those precious moments you would be devastated to lose! The program supports HDD`s, SSD`s, USB flash drives, networked drives and more as source folders for backing up.

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