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Apr 25, 2012
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Publisher Description

Encryption Plugin for Windows Explorer provides easy file encryption support for standard Windows Explorer. It adds new Encrypt/Decrypt/Shred/Create SFX commands to the context menu of Windows Explorer.

AEPE introduces dozen of strong encryption algorithms including 256-bit AES. Additionally it provides all methods of secure files deletion (actually it supports 20 file wiping algorithms including Quick Wipe and Peter Gutmann method).

AEPE can read decryption keys from connected USB Pendrives and supports encryption by secret passphraze and by public-private pair of encryption keys (512-2048 bit keys are supported).

Additionally, Encryption plugin for Windows Explorer provides convenient ability to edit encrypted documents directly. In this mode, user clicks the encrypted document, provides password and the document is opened in the associated windows application. The document will be automatically reencrypted when the document is closed.

Key Features:

- Encryption of any kind of file and folder

- Strong encryption engine providing 18 encryption algorithms including AES 256 bit

- Ability to securely delete (shred) files using 18 advanced wiping algorithms

- Ability to encrypt files using asymmetric encryption: public and private keys

- Support for USB pendrives to store encryption and decryption keys there (+plus support of master password protection for all keys located on usb flash drive)

- Single click for decrypt-edit-reencrypt feature. Just click encrypted excel/word (or other) document, provide password and edit it. The document will be reencrypted automatically when you close it.

- Use Self-Extracting encrypted file feature. Create encrypted documents as executable files. The recipient of such document needs to provide the password to see contents and the recipient does not has the need to have AEPE product installed on its machine.

- Recipients of your encrypted files (via email as attachements) can use free decryption utility (Crypt4Free) to decrypt your documents.

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